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3 Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life

daily habits of successful people

Some of the most important contributors to your journey of success and happiness are the habits you routinely practice. Are the things you’re doing daily contributing to your goals? Often people forget that the small changes and behaviors we practice each day have a huge impact on our lives (both good and bad). I personally practice the three habits listed below on an almost daily basis and can honestly say they’ve transformed my life. Coincidentally, a majority of happy and successful people all admit to practicing at least one. 

  1. Give Gratitude

The secret to living a full life is appreciating all that you already have. Giving thanks for what you have is a huge mood booster. Though this sometimes may be difficult when your goals or dreams seem so far from your present state, being able to see the good in things puts you on a more positive frequency, thus attracting more positivity into your life. So, to get more good things in your life, be thankful for what you have now. The reality is that wherever you are in life there is always an abundance to be grateful for. While this is something I try to practice consistently, it can be helpful to routinely set a small portion of your day to think about all that you are grateful for. Take 5 minutes in the morning or when you get in bed to practice gratitude.

  1. Create Visions

I think creating visions is huge for personal growth. After all, we don’t call people “visionaries” for nothing. After you’ve practiced gratitude, think about what it is you desire for yourself. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years? What do you want most in life, no matter how far it seems from where you are now? Don’t have these thoughts in a state of lack, but a rather a state of motivation and satisfaction. Feel that whatever it is you want to have, achieve or accomplish is already yours. I know some people claim “dreamers” are unproductive, and say hard work is the only thing that will pay off, but I think the combination of both is really what will enhance your life. There is a difference between dreaming and envisioning with faith. Creating visions daily is a great way to set goals and remember what is important to you. You MUST act on these goals in order to see results, but actively setting time to envision them is really a game changer. Having a vision board is a great tool to help you with this, and many successful people advocate the benefits of creating one and updating it throughout the year.

  1. Meditate

Those who aren’t familiar with meditating may be surprised to know that so many successful entrepreneurs, creative visionaries and millionaires meditate on a daily basis, and attribute meditation to much of their success. I am still a novice when it comes to meditation, but have incorporated it into my daily routine over the past year. Meditation allows you to tap into your creative and highest self, wherever you are. If you are unsure how to meditate, I highly suggest finding guided meditations that resonate with you. A friend of mine shares amazing guided meditations that are great for beginners. There are many others you can search for on YouTube as well. There are also apps available to help you get into the habit. The one I started with was headspace, and I do recommend it for beginners.

The most amazing thing about all of these habits is that it takes nothing to start and the results are huge. What they all have in common is bringing us into a state of consciousness we don’t normally exist in throughout the day. These habits face us with our inner and highest self, allowing us to feel more guidance, faith and truth. You can change your life right now by practicing one or all of these habits today. Have you been practicing any of these habits? Let me know how it feels for you!


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