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5 Steps to Release Thoughts of Limitation

thoughts of limitation

One of the most toxic outlooks that I find impedes personal growth is possessing thoughts of limitation. I’ve observed there is one general similarity among the overwhelming amount of people not living the life of their dreams, and what I’ve noticed is that most people are not doing what they desire because don’t think what they desire is possible. Henry Ford was spot on with his famous quote, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” No matter what it is you dream of in life, big or small: if you have thoughts of limitation, you will never achieve what you desire.

An extremely common trait of successful people is their willingness to succeed. It sounds like common sense “Successful people want to succeed”. But the reason these people go all the way, is that they see their vision as reality before the vision is completed. Most people think they want to succeed, but end up making a bunch of excuses before even attempting to make a change. Instead of seeing the challenges, potential negative scenarios or possible risk of failure, successful people only see positive outcomes. No matter what it is: whether you want to quit your job, start a company, learn a new language or even start a new hobby, it is possible as long as you believe so. The drive you get from just believing in yourself is SO HUGE.

The steps below are not about how to make your dreams come true, but how to change your perspective to one of opportunity and possibility. If you find yourself in the face of fear, here is some advice to get yourself motivated to overcome the thoughts that are hindering your growth.

  1. Get clear on WHY you have thoughts of limitation around your dream in the first place. Is it because everyone around you puts your ideas down? Are you scared of failure or were you taught early in life that people living their dreams are just “lucky” and working hard isn’t worth it? Once you get clear on this, it will be easier to kiss those dream killing thoughts goodbye. Identifying what’s causing fear and resistance will make it much easier to let go of any thoughts limiting your potential.
  1. Don’t take advice from people who don’t believe in your vision. Negativity is totally toxic and can be contagious if you let it be. At first, most people living their dream life never know how something will get done, they are just extremely confident it will. People who can’t see the outcome of your vision will try to put you down. Don’t take it personal, and remember you know what is right your you. People who continue to put your dreams down are usually people that never follow through with their own dreams. Do you really want to take advice from someone with NO experience in what you’re doing, anyway?
  1. Gain motivation from people who you look up to. Think about what it is you want to do right now. What is that one desire you always push in the back of your mind because you think it’s ‘too big’ or impossible for someone like you? Google search for people who have done, or are doing exactly what you want. Observe how these people got started, challenges they went through and risks they took to get where they are today. Gain inspiration from others and open your mind to the possibility that we’re all capable of doing great things. We all have the ability to turn our dreams into our reality. Stop thinking “I can’t” and see what you can do today to take one step toward your vision.
  1. Spend more time with like minded people. Spending time with other motivated, goal oriented people will have a huge positive impact on how you treat your own dreams. It is said that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. Check in with yourself every now and then to see who you’ve been around most, are they uplifting you or holding you back?
  1. Start out small. Try taking ONE small step each day to get you towards your goal. Make a list of small, actionable things you can do, and be committed to change each day. Reading this article is a small step to change, so you’re already done for today! It may not seem life changing, but after just one month, you’ll have done 30 awesome things to get you closer to your dreams.

The bottom line: stay focused, positive and NEVER give up on what you want out of life. Life is meant to be lived how we want. With dedication and hard work,  good things will always follow. 🙂

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