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Some Blabbing About Cold Shower Therapy

cold shower therapy

Hello Again,

It is funny just yesterday I had been thinking how effortless it felt to write a blog post daily, because I have been avoiding writing this one all day. I typically have an idea for a post in my head before I write it, or many ideas, and once pen hits paper (aka fingers hit keyboard) it just starts flowing. Tonight I am just not in a flowy mood. I don’t have any deep thoughts or personal development advice that I feel I can express in a helpful way.  I’m just blah.

So, I guess I will just keep typing with no direction and see what comes out. Sounds riveting doesn’t it? Part of this blogging challenge is to exercise my writing muscles, no matter how weak they feel.

Today I learned about another challenge that I think would be interesting to complete. Okay, I didn’t learn about it today. I actually read about it many months ago, but I stumbled upon it again earlier. It is cold shower therapy. Aside from the health benefits cold showers have (yes, they are better for us than hot showers. I choose to ignore this.), the purpose of cold shower therapy is to help you achieve goals and take on things you find challenging or impossible to complete. The challenge is to take an ice cold shower every day for 30 days. The idea is that you are embracing being uncomfortable, feeling the fear and pushing through. At the end of the 30 days, you come out feeling like a champion who can take on anything. You gain courage from pushing your limits. People really attest to this.

At first I was like cold showers, are you kidding me? If that’s what it takes to achieve my goals, I’ll choose mediocrity. But then the more I learned about it, the more intrigued I became. It actually makes sense to me now: how torturing yourself in five minutes of artic hell for 30 days will help you accomplish the impossible. It is all about the mental strength you’re building and fears you’re overcoming.  To complete the challenge correctly, you are supposed to have one big impossible goal in mind at the start of the challenge. Writing a book, launching a business, running a marathon: something you’ve been paralyzed to take on. Keep this goal in mind and after taking an ice cold shower for 30 straight days you’ll be ready to power on.

I tried to start this challenge one day over the summer. I barely let my toe hit the freezing water before saying “F this”. I’m moving to an island for Christ sake, do you think I can handle the cold? Now that it has popped up back in my life though, I am going to give it a shot. I won’t start it this month because of the journey that I’m embarking on in a few weeks. But once I get to a more stable schedule, this challenge is on. I have you to hold me to it.

Are you guys freaks? Do you take cold showers? Let me know how you survive if you do. ‘

Well, look at that. I just let my fingers do the talking and a post was born without my brain having anything to do with it. I just blabbed my way through another day of blogging.

Until tomorrow,


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