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A Powerful Tactic to Boost Self-Confidence

boost self-confidence

Day 3.

The other day I stumbled upon an article with a small token of inspiration that totally sparked my interest. The article was published on Zen habits and is titled “25 Killer Actions to Boost Your Confidence”. Confidence comes in many forms, and if you aren’t seeing things you want in your life, there is most likely a confidence issue that needs to be dealt with. Most people who appear interesting, successful, personable and fun to be around are so because they exude confidence in some form. We don’t even realize that we enjoy being around people who are comfortable with themselves. Confidence doesn’t mean thinking “I’m the best”; It’s believing you are capable, being comfortable with who you are and welcoming vulnerability. Letting go of insecurities and accepting who we are is a major key to not only confidence, but overall happiness. Not being afraid to fail and being motivated to try is where the sweet spot lies. So, confidence isn’t believing we are better than anyone, it’s believing we are the best version of ourselves at this moment. The first step to achieving anything is to believe in yourself.

In this article, one suggestion to boost self confidence (and happiness) is the concept of photoshopping your self-image. I loved this idea and found that when I did it, the areas of myself and my life that I wanted to improve became clear to me. Think about the person you’d like to be. What is the best version of yourself? How do you act? How do you make others feel? Are you kind, funny, generous, hard working, motivated? Figuring out who you truly are and want to become is necessary for self-improvement. Once you pinpoint the best version of yourself, keep it in your mind 24 7 and act on it daily. Even if you’re far from that version now, pretend you aren’t. This photoshopping method is an awesome way to gain confidence and achieve goals. If you have it in your head that you are awkward, or nervous, or not enough, it will show up in your life and prevent you from going after the things you want. Maybe you don’t have your dream job right now, not because you’re not good enough or worth it, but because your lack of self confidence prevents you from taking the steps to go after it. This could be true of anything. Think about something you desire: a way of being, having or achieving. Now ask yourself why you aren’t there yet. More than likely it’s not because it isn’t meant for you, but because you don’t believe so. Change the negative thoughts you have about yourself to positive ones and watch life flow for you. Insecurities can show up in our lives in many forms. Strengthening our confidence muscle will result in much more than a positive outlook of ourselves; it will give us the power to experience the most that life has to offer.

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Not only does confidence allow us to go through life fearlessly, it results in happiness. When we are comfortable with ourselves and not fearful of our situations, we are naturally happier. Think about who you are and who you want to become, and work to bridge this gap. Photoshop your best self in your head. Get really detailed and slowly make changes to live up to this person. Just thinking about it should give you a taste of the confidence you’re seeking. Anytime anxiety comes along in your life, I challenge you to try this tactic. If you’re stressed about your current situation, photoshop it in your head to a better one. A lot of people call this manifestation, because creating a situation in your mind results in feeling it’s here in this moment. Try it and see how it works for you. Remember, positive mind –> positive life.

Happy Friday Friends! Stay confident and sassy this weekend.

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