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Five Things I Want To Share


Greetings Fam,

Today has been another day where I didn’t really make time for writing. I did make strides in a project I was working on for a client (wahoo) and spent time with a friend for her birthday. It was a good day overall, but I have nothing specific I feel like writing about at the moment. It is 11:30pm. Because I’m feeling I need to take it easy and not force the creative wheels to turn, I figured I’d share some cool things in my life right now that you can hopefully find some interest in. Because I’m so cool, you know. 😉

Let’s go with five things.

Here are Five Things

1. Book I’m Reading

I’m currently bouncing between three books and reading them all at once. I’m not sure why I tend to do this, I guess a little bit of my ADD comes out and I can’t finish one book without starting the other. All of the books are super different from each other. One is about growing through difficult times, one is about the law of attraction, and one is a memoir written by a pro skateboarder turned extreme drug addict (for sure the wildcard of the bunch). Instead of recommending the self-help type books, I’d like to spice things up and recommend the wildcard: Dreamseller by Brandon Novak. It was such a nice change to read something of this type and he is truly a captivating writer. While his battle with drugs is eye opening, he manages to grasp a deep perspective of his journey and it shows up wonderfully in his writing. It is a real, raw look into his heroine addiction, but at the same time honestly intellectual l. I truly enjoy reading every page of this book.

2. Podcast I’m Listening To

When I had to commute to work over an hour everyday, podcasts were my shit. I virtually thank all of the podcasters who helped me get through standstill rush hour traffic each day for a job I hated. Since then I haven’t been listening to too many, but Tim Ferris still remains an all-time favorite. His podcast also inspired me to read his book over the summer, The Four Hour Workweek. His show is categorized as a “business” podcast, but for me it is so much more. He interviews notable people to deconstruct their habits, routines, and values that helped them achieve their success. Always, always awesome stuff.

3. Drink I’m Loving

It is not new, or surprising, that Kombucha is my all-star. I usually buy GT’s in bulk from Costco, but recently discovered a local café that serves KOMBUCHA ON TAP and I can’t deal. (Please someone take me to a Kombucha brewery.)

4. Song I’m Singing

I’ve been really into indie folk music lately and this genre has been my main Spotify jam. A song that I’ve been digging is “Wait So Long” by Trampled by Turtles. Really for no other reason other than I love listening to it. I immediately want to go on a hayride and dance to a live banjo when it comes on. Is that weird? Idk.

5. Product I’m Using

In preparation to move, I bought some new goodies I deemed essential for island living. This included a gopro, new camera case, lifeproof phone case, new backpack, and MY NEW SPEAKER. I love them all, but this speaker is so dope. It is the UE Roll 2 Wireless speaker.  It is waterproof (perfect for island life), wireless and is lightweight. The sound quality is perfect enough for me, but my favorite thing about it is how portable it is. It’s a thin circle shape with a small bungee strap that makes it easy to take and hold anywhere. I’ve been strapping it to my new said backpack anytime I go for a hike. I get to listen to “Wait So Long” and it’s amaze.

Hopefully this post wasn’t too lame. I’m not in the thinking/writing mood and wanted to give you guys something useful ok?? I’ve been thinking about sending weekly newsletters out with this similar format to my email subscribers. Should I? Yes, no, maybe? Okay.

Until Tomorrow,


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