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Good Excuse

good excuse

Hello my readers,

I’m currently having a beet juice and iced coffee and it’s Friday. Woo. These are the moments I live for, really.  I used to daydream of being able to do exactly what I’m doing right now, and now it’s happening. Trippy and awesome.

Do you ever listen to a song you’ve known forever and see it in a new way? Like you’ve heard it before but you finally LISTEN to it. Understanding it in a new light, allowing it to really take a hold of you. That happened to me yesterday.

The song is Good Excuse by John Butler Trio (amaze band). I’ve always loved the song and knew the meaning behind it, but for some reason I had to listen to it on repeat yesterday. It just felt so relatable and I felt connected to the song. I guess it really speaks to me at this time of my life. I felt like I could have written it, ya know?

There could be many interpretations to the song, but from what I gather, it’s about letting go of the small stuff. To stop making excuses for your misery/condition/choices and realize how beautiful life is. No matter what your problem is, it is never as bad as it could be, and you have so much to be grateful for. He repeats the line: “Go take a step outside and see what’s shakin’ in the real world”. Which immediately makes me think of the quote “If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.” How good is that????? So brilliant. And so true. We are all so whiny and get caught up in surface level issues way too much. Sure, we do have real life issues to take care of, but we need to try to wake up and smell the roses. John Butler Trio is reminding us to WAKE UP before our lives are over. Stop wasting time sweating the small stuff and complaining about things that ultimately don’t matter. Things always find a way to work out if you let them. Our conditions are meaningless until we react to them. Choose your reactions wisely.

‘Oh won’t you just wake up

feel the humming

This cruel world is killing you

better start running

Catch up with your life, catch on up

Before the whole thing is through’

Catch up with your life before the whole thing is through. Love it. Why should we let worry and anxiety run us? Worry is the most pointless emotion. You’re running a good today by expecting the worst for tomorrow. Who knows how long we have on this Earth??? Seriously. Life can be taken from us at anytime, and tomorrow you could be wishing the problems you have today are the biggest issues in your life.

Awesome change of perspective. I was getting caught up in worry about some things this week and I totally needed this shift in my mindset. Don’t you just love music? What’s better than jamming to a song you love? (and then letting it hit you with a real wake up call???) It’s the little things guys.

That’s it for today.

Until Tomorrow,


P.S. the photo for this post was taken when I was traveling in Amsterdam, drinking banana beer at an African restaurant. Awesome memory to remind myself life has been pretty pretty good to me thus far.

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