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I Moved to Hawaii

moved to hawaii

If you would have told me five years ago that I would be living on Kauai today, I would have said: “Sounds about right, let’s do it.” The urge within me to travel, experience things bigger than myself and fill my soul with adventure that gives me purpose has been present since I can remember. It took me some time to pull the trigger, but I’ve finally done it. So, if you haven’t heard: I moved to Hawaii. 🙂

I have felt a bit empty this week not writing after having done so every day for the past 25 days, so I had to fill that void today with a short post. It’s only day 5 here on Kauai and I’ve been making big strides in my transition. I have already signed an apartment lease, put an offer on a car today that was accepted, and opened up a local bank account. The only major thing left on my agenda is to get a job, but I really have no worry about finding something. Between this blog, my side hustle and my desirable characteristics as a restaurant server ( 😉 ) I don’t feel the need to rush the process. I already know I’ll have something. Learning to tune into this “knowing” is what makes seemingly big changes in life easy. If you can trust yourself and the process, things will work out for you. It’s just the way it goes.

As far as island life is going, Kauai is beautiful. It is super natural, lush and calm. Everything is low key and there are countless adventurous activities to do out in Mother Nature. I am super grateful to be in this type of environment. For some reason something inside of me told me that to help my blog grow and to development as a person, I should adopt a lifestyle in this type of environment. The temporary change is really going to help me get centered and reach new heights as a person, and a writer. This is what my insides are telling me anyway, so I’m listening.

Driving through lushness

Spouting Horn

Canyon Views

On the way here, I read a favorite book of mine. (This just sounds too casual: the way here was a 17-hour long, 3 flight trek). The book is The Alchemist. I decided that I wanted to bring with me just one hard copy book, and leave the rest of my reading library for my kindle to hold. I prefer reading real physical books to a tablet, but I couldn’t justify taking up the space. I do love my Kindle also so it’s fine. The Alchemist is an absolute favorite of mine, and I always seem to pick it up at the right moments in life. The last time I read this book, I ended up being in the EXACT locations at the time the author mentioned them. When I got to a part mentioning “Andalusia” (a region of Spain) I was there, sitting reading by the river. And when the main character passed through “Morocco” (a country in North Africa) I was riding on a bus, traveling through different towns in that country . It happened for a few places while I was reading the book. I found it super trippy and cool each time. The book just knows.

I felt really connected to it yet again while flying here. The book is about following your soul’s purpose and learning to trust your intuition. The back cover quotes a line from the book: “To realize one’s destiny is a person’s only obligation.”

On the way here, I couldn’t help think about how important it is, and about how I felt it was exactly what I was doing. There will always be moments in life where we aren’t doing this. Where we aren’t tuning into what our intuition is telling us or we are straying from our soul’s purpose, but I felt at that moment (and now) it was exactly what I was doing. Experiencing this kind of soul-body-mind-life alignment is extremely moving. I felt very centered and taken care of thinking about the fact that I listened closely enough to what I wanted in life and made the moves to make it happen. The book sends the message to never lose hope, and that when a person really desires something, the whole Universe conspires to help that person achieve his dream. I truly believe this, and I hope you do too. Don’t give up hope on what you want out of life and remember that your dedication to it is all that matters. We are rewarded for following what our hearts want and living out our soul’s purpose. Whether it’s traveling the world or something smaller, don’t give up on your dreams. And don’t ignore them either. Any recurring thought or inside voice you have is trying to tell you something. Do yourself a favor and listen.

If you guys have never read The Alchemist and it sounds interesting to you, please check it out.  It  has sold 65 million copies world wide and it’s author Paulo Coelho, is a literary legend. He has written a collection of amazing philosophical books of this kind.

As for now, I will be moving along with my life on Kauai. Lots of changes and new beginnings are still to come for me here. You know, maybe make a dollar and a friend soon?

I will for sure be keeping in touch and adding a “Life on Kauai” section to buddha and bananas. The best way to keep up with my journey is by subscribing to my emails and following my Instagram, where I’m active daily and you can see pretty pictures of Kauai. 🙂

What a life! I love it and love you.

Talk to you soon,



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