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The Most Important Promises To Keep


Hi Little Ones,

Too many mojitos and beers last night is putting me in the do-nothing-but-eat-and-lay-around-all-day club. I did leave my house for a collective three hours (once for coffee and once for food), but overall I’m acting like a slug. Mentally I’m actually wired right now. I have so many things I’d like to write about, I just can’t seem to get the words on paper. The topics I have in my brain are just too good to expose to hangover-grade writing, so I’ll save them for another time.

One thing I like to focus on, and inspire others to do, is lead a completely balanced lifestyle. This means while I enjoy green juices, personal development, deep thinking and holistic living… I also enjoy excessive drinking and partying from time to time. I don’t think we should find shame in this “work hard, play hard” lifestyle, but be aware that it sometimes comes with a price. I know that any ounce of potential creative/writing/fitness/health productivity goes in the toilet when I do this, so I’m trying to make it less of a habit. (I swear).

Anyway, even though I can’t seem to be as interesting as I’d like today, I promised you guys (and myself) 25 posts, so here it is. I’ve made it to Day 11.

One thing I’ve learned about this challenge is how empowering it is to keep promises to yourself. Writing for only 11 days may not sound like much, but on days like today it could be so easy for me to just say “F This. No one will care or notice if I skip today’s post.” Who would be losing out if I did that? Not you guys, but me. If I can’t trust myself to keep my own promises, how can I trust myself to accomplish anything? A major key to success and achievement is discipline. And discipline at the beginning of any road is the hardest part. If we create patterns of failed promises to ourselves, we subconsciously weaken our own self-trust. Self-trust is the key for overcoming obstacles, reaching new heights and completing our goals. So while writing this one post may not seem like a big deal to me today, I know it holds heavy significance for how I treat my goals in the future.

Keeping promises to yourself also boosts confidence. Some days I feel like I have nothing of value to share, but I’ll end up writing something I find really interesting. When I press “publish” on those days, it raises my self-esteem. I kept the promise I made to myself and am proud of the outcome. On these days, I become more confident in my writing and find more joy in the process. We sometimes forget that we are creative beings. And creating things just feels so F’in good!

So, here is a simple token of Saturday wisdom from my cloudy hungover state of mind: The most important promises you keep are the ones to yourself.

Ok, I need to smoke some pot.

Until Tomorrow,




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