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Keep Your Goals To Yourself


I’m tired, it’s Sunday night and I’ve been writing EVERYDAY for 19 DAYS. Whew. That means only 6 more days until my challenge is over. That’s a lot of nonsense flowing from my brain to keyboard in one month. Hope y’all are enjoying.

Today I read a commonly shared quote on Instagram, that struck some chords in me.  I’ve read it before, but wanted to honor it tonight. It is:

“Don’t tell people your dreams, show them.”

Short and sweet, yet holds a lot of significance for my own life. I have weekly run-ins with people asking me about my plans for the future. “What are you going to do?????” is the main question I get from people. I know it’s usually coming from an honest place, but at times it feels intrusive to me. We live in a society that puts too much pressure on surface level achievements and appearances. When I appear to be in a secure or predictable position, I don’t really get asked these types of questions. I understand a lot of people asking  mean well, are genuinely curious or just making conversation. But I sometimes have no idea how to answer truthfully. It’s not because I don’t know what my goals are, but because how I plan to achieve them may change. I may not have the concrete path laid out, but I have the destination on my brain. It’s amusing how many people – who have zero experience in something you’re going after – will try to deter you when you can’t explain the “how” of your journey. I sometimes feel that knowing what I want and going after it isn’t enough for people, I need a blueprint to show them too.

Although I’m a writer, I choose to prove myself through my actions, not my words. Writing is a creative medium I use to inspire, decompress, and spark something in others. It’s not something I use to gain attention or share empty promises. Coincidentally, it is also one of the actions I’ve taken to “prove” myself in the wild wild west of living life on the other side. I love writing about consciousness and self-improvement, but I don’t feel the need to preach about all of my goals and dreams. I am too busy working to make them happen. This makes anyone who is insecure or close-minded uncomfortable. They can’t seem to understand why I don’t have an answer to their question, and why I am so damn okay with it. I can answer these questions truthfully. I can tell people where I envision myself in the future, but I also know the only thing that matters is what I do, not what I say I will do.

A lot of times when it seems things have “fallen into someone’s lap”, it is quite the opposite. Not in terms of a random act like a lottery winning, but in terms someone achieving their dream: making it as a musician, having a successful business, becoming the new internet sensation and so on. Behind the scenes, they took the steps and actions that lead them to the point where they saw a breakthrough.  It isn’t until the point of your breakthrough that most people will start believing in what you do. Before it happens, they’ll tell you how hard it is or try to bring you down, but once it happens they’ll call you “lucky”. Obviously not true of everyone and every case, but it’s such a common occurrence in situations like these.

The bottom line is, I love you guys and think we should share with each other. But I’m at a point in my life where the phrase “actions speak louder than words” rings more true everyday. In a world where we place such heavy focus on appearances over depth of character, I choose to value the example someone leads more than anything that comes out of their mouth. Which is why me telling anyone I encounter what my goals are will more than likely fall on deaf ears. They want to see it before they believe it. So I will show them.  At the end of the day, anything I do is for me only and not for the approval of other people. I’ve learned to stay humble, and keep on keeping on with my life.  Instead of talking about  how I want to live my life, I just want to live it. Come join me.

Until Tomorrow,


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