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What Is Mushroom Coffee?

mushroom coffee

There are many health products I use and habits I practice that give me confused looks from friends and family. The product I’ve been using that has sparked the most concern, though, is Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee. Yes, I drink mushroom coffee. And it isn’t weird despite what a lot of people think. (Or maybe I am just weird).

I learned about mushroom coffee from Tim Ferris, who endorses and praises the product. The thing that sold me on trying mushroom coffee is that it’s way healthier than regular coffee, which often makes me feel crazy – despite this I still love it and am slightly addicted. The company, based out of Finland, describes it as coffee without the jitters. It is organic grade coffee elixirs blended with organic mushrooms. The sell a variety of types made with either chaga, lion’s mane,¬† reishi or cordyceps, which are not like the portobello or crimini mushrooms that typically come to mind. These types of mushrooms are powerful superfoods with so many health benefits. Check out their site here!

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Regular coffee is really taxing for our adrenals and nervous system. It often comes with jitters, a heavy crash or stress to our digestive system. Four Sigmatic mushroom coffee tastes like normal coffee, but has less acidity. These mushrooms are so powerful and contain loads of health benefits that help stress, sleep, energy, performance and brain and nervous system function. The properties of these mushrooms have been studied for centuries. The company has made quite a brand for themselves and really believes in the power and magic of mushrooms (not magic mushrooms ūüėČ ). They even launched a mushroom academy course with free online videos for mushroom education. Pretty cool business practices going on over there and so much mushroom passion.

Another great thing about the coffee is that it’s perfect for on the go. They sell instant packs and all you have to do is mix with hot water. (I like to add honey and coconut oil to my coffee). I’ve only tried one product: mushroom coffee with lion’s mane and chaga, but they have a large selection. Each elixir is focused on particular health goals, like brain¬† performance, productivity, managing stress or relaxation.¬† I just saw they have a matcha mix (!!!) which I’m definitely ordering ASAP. All ingredients are organic. Woo!¬† It contains caffeine, but not as much as regular coffee.

Thrive on and order yours now!!!¬†Remember to use BANANAS10 for 10 percent off.¬† Tell me how you like it.¬†(Prepare for weird looks from people when you tell them you’re drinking mushroom coffee. But who cares because mushrooms are cool and you discovered an awesome way to be healthier).

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