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Hey Peeps,

I launched the buddha and bananas blog in June 2016, though today I realized that my writing journey extends back way further. I actually started my first blog in 2013. It was a diary of my study abroad experiences. I’m sure it would be super cringey to read some of it, as my writing was definitely not deserving of an audience back then, but nonetheless it was an amazing way to share my journey with friends and family. My mom even printed out my entire blog and made it into a book for me. It is a nostalgic item that symbolizes not only my deep connection to travel, but now my journey of writing and I will cherish it forever.

In between my study abroad blog and now, I used to randomly write for publications online. At the time, I had no idea I would want to pursue writing as a career. I thought about how it could be an option because I always enjoyed it, but never put much focus into the idea. However, every so often I’d get the urge to write, so I would. I am going to share two posts I wrote for the media site Puckermob back in 2015. I’d forgotten about their existence until they popped into my brain the other day. Reading them was oddly satisfying. Despite some viewpoints I had back then that I definitely don’t now, I was entertained at my own writing (which is the greatest feeling). I’d say they’re pretty decent for someone who had no platform and rarely wrote for an audience. Before buddha and bananas I also used to do freelance copywriting, enrolled in a three month creative writing course, and wrote health articles for online publications. And the entire time I never once thought to call myself a writer. 🙂 

Post 1:  3 Things That Do (and don’t) Matter in Your 20s

After reading this one, I felt so proud of my young innocent self. I put a such a creative spin on this topic (when I barely had an internal writing compass). And I still agree with the general opinions. I swear I’m not a total narcissist. I know I’m no Edgar Allan Poe, and definitely had some corny one liners in this post. It’s just interesting to look back on a piece written by someone so different than who you are now and still feel fulfilled reading it.  Note to 2015 Lauren: life is about to get take a 180 and it’s awesome. To this day, I believe any 20 something can connect with this post. Go on, read it my fellow 20-somethings!!!

Post 2: 8 Reasons Why Millennials Actually Kick Ass. We’re Awesome.

I’m truly LOLing at this title because it’s something I’d never write about today. I definitely expressed some opinions I currently don’t agree with, but I think I did a good job at writing for the target audience of website. I actually think my views have grown somewhat more conservative compared to some stuff said in this post, which is very surprising to me. Or I just don’t give a shit about comparing generational differences anymore? Not sure. Check out why I thought millennials were awesome in 2015 here.


AH, the journey of life. Our story is being written daily; only when we look back can we connect the dots. Little did I know my efforts at Puckermob blogging would lead me to something as special as buddha and bananas is becoming to me. Our path is unfolding each day of our lives, my friends. Be grateful for this journey.

OH and the photo on top of this post is me in Ireland circa 2013. Back I was a baby blogger writing about my travels. I published my first blog on tumblr.

One Love,


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