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If You Have a Salt Lamp, You Need To Know This!

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Hi Friends,

I wrote an article in the past about buying my first Himalayan salt lamp, and I am now on number two. I shipped my first one to St John a week before Hurricane Irma hit. The salt lamp, my essential oil diffuser, and some other items are probably now floating in the Atlantic. I got a second one though because I missed it so much. Not only are they beneficial to your environment, the pink glow is sooo aesthetically pleasing. I highly suggest everyone buys one. 

I learned something new about salt lamps though. A few months ago during the summer, I one day came home and noticed a small puddle of water on my nightstand surrounding the lamp. A few salt crystals were in the water. I had no idea what the hell had happened. I assumed I had spilled water or something, so I cleaned it up and never thought about it again. Well, today the same thing happened. I realized that my salt lamp was leaking!!! Who knew this could happen?? I had to research.

It learned that Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic, meaning they absorb moisture in the air around us. Think of it like the salt lamp is sweating. When the lamp is turned off there is no heat to evaporate the moisture, which can result in pools of water forming at the base of the lamp (which is what happened to me). It is more likely to happen in climates with a lot of humidity, which makes sense because it’s been SUPER humid here in NJ. It hasn’t been our average fall thus far. I’m still using AC in October, not normal folks. However, a leaking salt lamp is totally normal. Ahh, the nature of salt lamps. I had no idea. The only way to prevent your salt lamp from leaking is to leave it on as much as possible. Also, avoid ruining good furniture by placing it on top of something in case it does leak.

Has this ever happened to any of you?? If not, now ya know!

Until Tomorrow.


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