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4 Lessons Learned from The Abundance Factor

the abundance factor review

I recently was granted access to the free premiere of The Abundance Factor movie, a documentary in which Riley Dayne interviews some of the most successful individuals in the world to understand what has helped to make their lives so abundant. He shares 21 proven “abundance” techniques gathered from some of the most influential people on the planet, including Lewis Howes, Bob Proctor and John Assaraf.

Since I am interested in all things related to unlocking your inner potential and getting the most out of life, I decided to watch this movie over the weekend. What does living an abundant life mean? An abundant life is one we all wish to live. It means living with an abundance of happiness, positive relationships, good fortune and a healthy financial standing. Most people think it’s out of reach, but those interviewed in the movie have achieved it. So, how do you get this life of abundance? While most people think to gain abundance you must chase money, this movie (like many others of its kind) tells an opposite story.

Lesson 1: Abundance Means Freedom

It may be surprising that the most common theme throughout the movie is freedom, and not money. Each influencer interviewed spoke about freedom and abundance being one in the same. Living a life of abundance means living a life of freedom. What successful influencers aim for is the freedom to live life how they please, above all else.

Bob Proctor says an abundant life is “spending the days the way you want to live them.”

Ike Allen says abundance is “time and freedom instead of money.”

So, when searching for your own abundance, think of what living free would look and feel like for you. What would you do with your time and what does your ideal life look like if you had the power to “live free”? Go after this instead of a paycheck.

Of course money provides financial freedom, but just chasing money alone will never give you the feeling of living life free. Don’t delay gratification until money comes, because then money owns you. Choose to be happy now and let the rest follow. Which brings us to the next lesson…

Lesson 2: Chasing Money Will Not Provide Happiness or Abundance

Money without happiness serves no purpose. It provides no fulfillment and is a fake form of gratification. Many of us (sometimes myself included) are accustomed to thinking money is the key to happiness. People sacrifice family, friends, happiness, and their health for money, but this is so not the point of living an abundant life. Money can absolutely eliminates stress, but it doesn’t provide fulfillment. That has to come from within.

Did you ever wonder why so many rich celebrities suffer from depression, anxiety or even attempt suicide? From the outside looking in, it can be easy to assume anyone with financial abundance “has it all”, but if other things inside aren’t aligned it will never matter. It is far more important to chase things in life that make you happy and light you up instead of chasing a paycheck in hopes that happiness will result. Focus on your own self development, purpose and happiness instead of money. If you work on those things, the money follows.

Lesson 3: Take Risks

In the documentary, it was said that when people follow their passion they may have a fear of failing, but to them failure is just feedback and a learning experience. It isn’t a set back or “sign” to not move forward. A huge thing that stops people from following their path to abundance is their fear of failure and not wanting to take risks. There is no successful person that has ever gotten where they are today without the risk or fear of failure. The difference is they didn’t care.

People on their death bed interviewed said the number one regret in life is not following their dreams. People regret what they don’t do more far more than what they have done. Never miss out on a life you desire because of fear of failure, risk or change.

Lesson 4: It starts with your beliefs.

The final and most important lesson is that the state of your life is a complete reflection of the state of your mind. Everything starts with your beliefs. If you believe you are not capable of an abundant life, that will become your reality. Powerful quotes from the movie include:

  • Lewis Howes: “Change your internal emotional environment, thoughts and beliefs so you can start to achieve your dreams.”
  • Bob Proctor: “Our world is a reflection of what’s going on inside. You have to understand who you are. If you feel struggle or lack inside, that is what you’ll get outside.”
  • Dana Wilde: “Nothing is hidden. Your outside world is a direct reflection of your inside world.”
  • Bob Proctor: “Our belief system is based on our evaluations. If we reevaluate, we can change our beliefs. So we have to reevaluate who we are.”

So, you need to really understand your inner belief system to understand what will show up in your life. Your life results originate in your thoughts, and your thoughts are what they are because of conditioning. This can be especially true for people in the category of finance. Many people grow up in households that are in a mental state of lack. Many parents drill into children’s heads that money is hard to come by, money is evil, and people with a lot of money are just lucky. (I hate the luck word). As a result, the children grow up with the belief that having money isn’t for them, or that there isn’t enough to go around. They won’t go out of their comfort zones to create the financial abundance they wish for because it isn’t a possibility in their minds. This can go for anything, money is just an example.

Changing your beliefs around something doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging. But understanding that the right state of mind paired with action and execution will give you the results you need. The lesson of monitoring your thoughts can be an entire movie in itself. And is a constant life journey.

These are really powerful lessons to consider when thinking about living in abundance, or living a full life in general. Though I enjoyed the movie, you can learn more about these lessons in most books on self help and happiness. (One of my favorites is Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power by Bob Doyle.) If you like the secret, general self help, or learning about living life to the fullest, this movie is for you.

Depending on when you’re reading this, you may still be able to gain access to the free viewing of The Abundance Factor here.

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