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The Importance of Finding Balance

finding balance

Hello Again. It’s been so long! I’ve missed it here. And you. I really dislike when I take this much time off of blogging, but life happens. The minute I start forcing writing is the minute I stop enjoying it, so I forgive myself for these occasional hiatuses in between posts. I started writing this post weeks before it’s actually getting shared. Proof of how little time I’m spending on buddha and bananas ;(

I’m at the three month mark of time on Kauai and life feels very familiar. It’s funny how adaptable us humans are and we don’t even realize it. Something that sounds as big as moving to Hawaii has all of a sudden transformed to my simple way of life. Although I’ve done a lot to be in the position I am in right now, accomplishing it has felt fairly simple. I think a major key to overcoming seemingly large experiences is to focus on taking small steps, which eventually add up to a giant leap towards the outcome. This is an important aspect in any type of goal setting or overcoming challenges. If we harp too much on the end result, life becomes overwhelming and our desired state seems too unachievable. So take a deep breath and move one step at a time. Taking life day by day is what my mentality is, and it continues to work out well. Despite all of the risks, changes and uncertainties I endure in life, everything flows naturally and I’m cruising. Kudos to the other cruisers out there like me. However, I have noticed one thing I need to find in multiple areas of my life which I find extremely important. That one thing is balance.

Being that personal development and conscious living are main parts of this blog, it is probably no surprise that I am constantly practicing ways to enhance my overall well-being.  Moving here created a huge opportunity for me to do just that. When you have to start a social life from scratch, having a nice amount of alone time at first becomes inevitable. Fortunately, this is not an issue for me. I’ve always had an independent and introverted nature, and enjoy my own company. Plus with all the ventures and hobbies I continuously am trying or working on, I really never fall short of ways occupy myself. #lonerlifestyle I’ve had much time for reflection, gratitude, goal setting, learning and observing things in and around my life. I love creating time for this. It’s always refreshing to evaluate where things stand and where you’d like them to go, instead of robotically letting life pass you by. My journal and I are best friends. I’ve realized how important my blog and writing are to me, I’ve uncovered new goals of mine, and I’ve reveled over how much I continue to evolve. I can’t even relate to the lifestyle I used to live, the fears I had or beliefs I held, but it’s beautiful to see I’ve overcome them. I’d like to remind anyone who feels they’re far from where they want to be that any amount of change and growth is possible. I am living proof.  If you’ve been acting out of character or are living a life you don’t feel is meant for you, don’t sweat it. Put in the effort to change and change will happen. It is that simple. Many of us fail to do this type of deep self-reflection. Either because we get too tranced in the motions of life or because we choose to ignore our own personal responsibility completely. If this sounds like you, I suggest taking some time for introversion. I don’t think we’re all completely broken or living in complete chaos, but it helps to reflect on your lifestyle and actions no matter who you are. There’s always something that can be worked on to improve your overall wellbeing.  After all of this being said, I’ve realized I need to take some time to get out of my head. The problem with all of this self-help stuff is that it is of no use if it isn’t practiced. I’ve been feeling that out of balance feeling and want to take more time practicing and working towards all of the things I’ve reflected upon. What good is doing all of this deep self-evaluation and goal setting if none of it is put into action, ya know?

I recently wrote a piece for one of my favorite wellness websites. In it I touched on the importance of balancing our mental and physical awareness. A line I wrote in this said article is: “Developing spiritually and consciously requires a balance of physical and mental awareness. Practices like meditation and creativity allow us to take a break from the mental and be present in the physical. But applying mental focus is just as important.” This concept is crucial to remember, for I believe the balance you maintain in life is what will make it feel whole. Many historical teachings rely on the concept of finding balance in order to attain full quality of health and happiness. One that immediately comes to mind is the Ayuerveda practice, which focuses on balancing our three “forces”, or doshas, that govern all of our spiritual, mental and physical processes. Striving for this inner balance allows us to feel well, happy and most importantly whole. The well known Chinese theory of Yin and Yang is based off of the same balance philosophy. All of these teachings lie on the same principles of keeping everything in life in balance, from the foods we eat to lifestyle we live. Balance salty with sweet, light with dark, work with play, stimulation with rest, and so on. A more well-known phrase that accompanies this theory: “Everything in moderation.” Whether or not you’ve heard of these philosophies, I think we can all agree on what feeling “out of balance” is like. You just don’t feel right. You feel like something is missing. Or that something is off. In our go big or go home society, this practice can sometimes be hard to remember.

Being out of balance can show up in many ways. If you are out of balance, you may feel stressed, tired, sad or sick. You may feel strained, unmotivated, or a have lingering feeling of anxiety or dissatisfaction. It isn’t always this dramatic, but being aware of your inner balance will help you feel like your best self more often. And isn’t that the whole point?

Being present has been a common theme for my life lately. It’s the thesis of my social media rant post, and of living consciously in general. But being present comes in multiple forms, including mental and physical. Finding a balance of consistent self-evaluation (mental) while living in the moment (physical) is what is what I’m striving for. So for now, I am going to try to weigh this out by becoming less cognitive and more present physically. This means that I’m going to take a step back from consuming myself with knowledge, contemplation and information and instead live into the practices and interests I have. The breadth of information available to us is a blessing and a curse. It can become so overwhelming to have everything at our fingertips, but none of it is valuable if we don’t practice it. Instead of constantly reading about or contemplating the things I’d like to do, I am just going to do them. I’ve been really missing those times of inspired action. Those moments spent doing something you love that feels timeless and so rewarding. These times can come from the simplest of actions, like writing this post for example. I suggest finding whatever floats your boat to inspired action and do that. 

Now that I have some more time to myself after working like a dog these past months (forgot to mention I was slave status around the holidays), I’m going to start putting to action all that I reflect on. This means more writing and buddha and bananas-ing, so stay tuned mi amigos. I keep asking: “What would my future self thank me for right now?” and that keeps me from totally straying the course of achieving my #goalz. I’m also giving some extra TLC to certain beloved hobbies, like reading and yoga, as well as trying some new ones. (I just bought a sketch pad, reach out if you’d like to laugh at my amateur doodles). Trying new things is never a fail. It is actually a learning experience that heightens our perspective on what we truly care about, and ultimately gets us closer to things that are meant for us.

This post was a bit more spaz than usual, but it’s been so long I had to share all of my rando thoughts. I guess not writing in a while has me rusty.

I challenge you all to do some deep thinking and a balance check-in. Are you working too much? Not enough? Partying too hard? Or not being social enough? Feeling sick from lack of healthy food? Or are you deprived of pizza and beer? Find your balance! I promise it is a never ending practice that feels so powerful.

Until next time. One Love.


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