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The One Thing You Need To Live The Life of Your Dreams

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There is one line I wrote in the bio of this blog when I started writing that I still believe in my core. It’s still the complete driver in every aspect of my life and it is why I live the way I do. It’s what is behind almost every post and what I still want to motivate others with. The line is:

 “I believe we all have the power and privilege to live the life of our dreams.”

Most people have dream lives, but are too afraid to live them. The dream varies, but we all crave the freedom to live life as we please. Thanks to social media, there are tons of speakers, personalities, bloggers and digital influencers showing off how they live the life of their dreams, hoping to inspire you others to do same. This does influence many people to do so and creates this contagious desire to adventure and entrepreneurial spirit.

But even with the uprise of people living life outside the box, there are still so many who don’t think living beyond their current means is possible.

You may think you need money to take the plunge into whatever it is you desire. This is the most common excuse. You may think you need certain education or experience. You may blame it on your upbringing or background. You can blame it on your current relationship or current responsibilities. You can blame it on your age, the economy, or even the state of affairs in the world.  The list can be endless with a negative mindset. Think of something you want to achieve or the life you want to live? What is the excuse that is holding you back?

There is a secret to living the life of your dreams. And it is actually really simple.

What you need is trust.

You need trust and faith in yourself. If you can rely on yourself, you really can achieve anything you want in this world. This is fact. Taking risks and going through change can be challenging. Is that a reason to give up? If you trust yourself, the answer is no. For example, those worried about money should instead get creative and positive about their financial status. They should figure out their skillset and capabilities so that they know what options they have and so they have a fallback plan. Or if you’re moving to an island for example ( 😉 ) people will tell you all of the challenges: how expensive it is, hard it is, different it is, lonely it is. You can choose to believe them and give up. Or believe in yourself and go through. Why should I care if something is challenging if I have self-reliance that I’ll be able to get through it? I know if things go bad, I am resourceful enough to figure it out and smart enough to have something to fall back on. I know that if it doesn’t turn out how I expected, I can rely on my optimistic mindset to move on, instead of it ruining my life. I realize that I am in control; not of outside events, but how I adapt to them.

If you’re scared to fail or scared to start, you are your own problem. Life will always throw things your way that don’t go according to plan. Things will always go wrong at one point or another, and things may seem like they’re heading downhill before going up. But the thing is, we hold our own power. Circumstances are just that: circumstances. Our ability to adapt, take responsibility and have a good attitude is where our power lies.

The capabilities we have been given as humans are so powerful. I have no time for anyone who continuously creates excuses rather than opportunities. This doesn’t mean life will always be easy, but hard doesn’t mean impossible. And this is what separates those living dream lives and those that aren’t. Most people place the fate of their lives in the hands of outside events. Try trusting yourself to navigate your life and it’s uncertainties instead of leaving it to external factors. The more you do for yourself, the more you’ll be more comfortable taking risks and coping with change. Discovering the power that lies within is one of the most transforming things that has happened to mechallenge yourself to find your power.

~follow my journey, visually~ 

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