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Travel Hack For Packing

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Hiiiii. I’m going to start off by saying, writing is a chore today 🙂 I spent my entire day stressing, contemplating and PACKING! My good friend Michelle is here right now and she’s honestly doing all the work. Even with all of my traveling, I am not the best packer. When going through what to bring, I’ll find sentiment in a 5 year old shirt that was thrown at the bottom of my closet and think I NEED to bring that. Not that helpful when you need to fit everything into one suitcase and live off of it for however long…

When she arrived we eliminated about 40% of what I had laid out.  My goal is to use one large piece of luggage, so I need to focus on essentials. We really have too much stuff anyway. (We meaning most of us humans here in the US). This summer I learned all you really need is a pair of denim shorts you’re in love with, sandals and a few basic tops to thrive in summer weather. So I think I will be fine.

Since I’m super slammed today and not in the writing mood, I wanted to share a quick travel hack for packing. When I moved to Europe for four months, I used these vacuum seal bags to save space and they were seriously a life saver. The concept is to suck the excess air out with a vacuum and the bag becomes as small as possible, thus creating more space to pack in. I couldn’t find those exact ones this time, but did find similar ones that don’t require a vacuum. At first I was skeptical, because I thought the vacuum was the secret weapon to this concept, but they’re working pretty well.

They’re Ziploc Space Bags and you can order them on Amazon.

This is what they look like currently sitting in my suitcase. I have one more (Michelle has one more) to fill.

travel hack

I’m using six total and don’t think I’d be able to fit half of my shit in here without them. They’re simple to use: you simply fill the bag with your clothes – laid flat – zip the bag and then just roll it. Whatever technology Ziploc uses has a one way air seal at the end of the bag that pushes excess air out. Pretty cool and saving me for sure. If you guys are going on a long vacation or just are like me and need to pack 100 unnecessary things, I definitely recommend these bags! Check em out. 

That’s it guys. Big things happening in my world 🙂


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