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Trusting your Gut Instinct

gut instinct

Have you ever been at crossroads in life with a big decision? Not knowing where to go or what to choose? You weigh the pros and cons of each path, hoping logic and practicality will steer you in the right direction. But we all know this doesn’t happen so easily. Especially for life changing decisions.

Having a feeling of not knowing what to do with a major part of your life is gut wrenchingly awful. Sometimes being at a crossroads can be fun (like having two amazing job offers and not knowing which to choose) But other situations, those that deal with your emotions, spirit, and will forever affect the life around you, are hard to face.

One thing I’ve learned is that to get through these tough times, what you need most is trust. Trust in yourself that you can make it through and trust in the power of life (God, the Universe, Moses, Buddha, Mother Nature, Jesus: whatever higher being you connect with) that everything will be okay. Trust that you have been put in this situation for a reason. Trust that you can handle it with resilience and fortitude. And trust that you’ll make it out on the other side better than before.

Once you have this trust, life ultimately smacks you in the face with the right move to take. It will seem like you’ve known what the right path is all along. You get grounded in your choices and are open to whatever life has ahead of you. This is your gut instinct. No matter how devastating, stressful, confusing and hurtful it may seem, trusting where your gut leads you is essentially trusting in God*. Often times, your gut instinct will seem like the most illogical, risky, and least sensible option. Life is funny in that way. A large aspect of trusting in yourself and your gut is throwing practicality out the window. Something as a society we are taught to be so grounded in.

Having a gut instinct is an incredibly powerful tool we have been given. It is our internal compass to move forward to a promising future, or to avoid a troubling situation. It is the Universe speaking to us from the inside, and we must learn to listen. Even if you are not spiritual and don’t believe in a higher being, you have a gut instinct. This is the feeling you get when walking into a room and feel something is wrong. Or when you avoid a situation because it doesn’t feel right, but can’t explain why. You just know. Your gut told you.

Whether you’re contemplating a big move, changing careers, going through a break up, or toying with a large financial decision in your life: trust yourself and follow your gut. Once you learn how to follow your gut, it becomes comforting to know that no matter how tough life seems and how much it doesn’t make sense, you can have faith that everything will turn out okay.

*I am not religious. I don’t practice organized religion at all. I just chose the term “God” as the higher being of our world, replace with any term that relates to you. <3

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