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What is Matcha Tea?


In a recent email I set out to my tribe of loyal subscribers (Love you guys. Sign up to become one here!), I confessed how off the health band wagon I’ve fallen over the past few months. It was more of a nose dive off than a fall, honestly. I still practiced healthy habits a fraction of the time, but I mostly did things not so great for me. I notice that even when I’m living my unhealthiest of days, I am still more balanced than others. So I’m not talking an extreme situation like “I gained 20 pounds in one summer from eating McDonalds and boycotting all greens”, but it definitely was over the top for me.

I drank A TON and had too many sleepless nights for me to count. These were often followed by a 12 hour work shift – I either worked through the hangover with more booze or eating an excessive amount of carbs. Multiple 3-day periods passed by where I had a collective 8 hours of sleep total. I didn’t prioritize planning my meals, so I lived off of smoothies, pizza and the amazing Italian bread at the restaurant I worked at. I’m talking loaves and loaves and loaves consumed weekly. Ugh bread, you win me over every damn time. I one time was so hungover I cut three quarters of a full loaf of warm bread, held it in my hands like a giant breadstick, and smeared butter onto every bite. I most likely had a slice of pizza right before this. It was delicious and so out of character for me. I’m all for overindulging from time to time, but the frequency in which I was doing this was no bueno. (Especially because white carbs and wheat make my stomach a wreck, cause major inflammation and deplete my energy levels.) The evidence of my summer lifestyle is physical in the form of roughly 10 added pounds and also the amount of buttons I have trouble closing. Overall, I am really fine. I don’t look extremely unhealthy, but I feel it. Hardcore. Thank god for the 25 year old metabolism.

Today I’ve decided I’ve had it with eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow. At least for now. It’s all about being balanced – but a diet consisting of only smoothies, alcohol and carbs isn’t the kind of balance I’d like. Since September, I have definitely been leading a way more chill lifestyle. It’s safe to say I’ve caught up on all the sleep I lost in the past few months. But I still have been eating and drinking a bit more than I’d like. What’s up with a grown man’s appetite stuck in a girl’s body? I know you guys feel me.  I want to nourish myself back to good health in these next two weeks before I depart on my upcoming journey. So, today I’m eating easy to digest foods (mainly smoothies and juices) and want to cut back on alcohol and caffeine this week. It’s all about the small steps we take.

I have a love hate relationship with coffee. I mainly hate it because I love it too much. I know that my body is fatigued, dehydrated and inflamed right now, which means drinking coffee would not be a wise idea. This week, the warm drinks I’m focusing on drinking are: hot water with lemon, herbal teas, yerba mate and MATCHA.

I’m currently sitting at a coffee shop drinking a Matcha latte right now. Talk about self control – being in a coffee shop and not drinking coffee. But thank the heavens there are substitutes like Matcha to get us through these hard times.

What is Matcha? – (I decided to capitalize the M because Matcha deserves this respect).

Matcha is a form of green tea. It is stronger than brewed green tea because you’re drinking the actual tea leaves. Matcha is the result of special types of green tea leaves finely processed into a powder and then made into a solution by combining the Matcha powder with hot water or milk – latte style. Almond milk is my favorite for this. The abridged version: Matcha is a potent green tea. And we all know green tea is the shit, so imagine how baller Matcha is????

What are the health benefits of Matcha?

It’s an antioxidant powerhouse and a potent source of nutrients. Much more so than regular green tea. It is said that to get the same level of potency found in a single serving of Matcha you have to have 10 cups of brewed green tea. Wellll, if this doesn’t make me want to have Matcha every single day I don’t know what will.

The antioxidants in Matcha have been linked fighting chronic illnesses and diseases and preventing aging. Match does contain caffeine, but way less than coffee. The properties of Matcha (and caffeinated teas in general) result in a sustained boost of energy, without the jitters or crash of coffee. This also leaves us with increased focus and heightened concentration. Do you want to try Matcha yet???? Other benefits include healthy skin, weight loss, brain power and a healthy heart.

What should I be aware of?

As with most things in our modern day, there are potential concerns to be aware of. The quality of the products you buy is crucial. Lead and fluoride traces are common concerns amongst green tea, and is even be found in organic brands of green tea. Since Matcha is the whole leaf, there is even more lead present. Studies show the amount of lead isn’t enough to cause concern if sticking to one cup a day, but I would be cautious about serving it to children or pregnant women.

There are a lot of posers out there ruining the good Matcha name. A lot of brands are sweetened with unhealthy additives or just plain sugar and contain loads of added BS. The quality of Matcha can also vary. As always, READ YOUR INGREDIENTS and become aware of what you’re buying. It’s a crazy world out there guys and we have to fend for ourselves in the name of nutrition.

Where can I buy Matcha?

Matcha is now becoming popular amongst local cafes, healthy eateries and the like. You can also make Matcha at home by buying some at your local supermarket or order some from Amazon.

Do you know when you say a word so much it starts to lose meaning and sounds weird? I feel that way about “Matcha” right now so think I need to step away from this post.

That’s all for now, friends. I hope this inspires you guys to add some Matcha into your life. I also hope this inspires you to not eat loaves of bread with butter on a daily basis.

Much Love,


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